Landing gear.

The landing gear is hydraulically actuated and powered by the right hydraulic system or by the alternate hydraulic pump. Gear extension/retraction is selected by a handle on the main instrument panel. A mechanical release system permits emergency extension by free fall.

All main wheels have disk brakes with anti-skid control. A parking brake may be engaged to keep the aircraft stationary.

A tail bumper protects the aft fuselage in case of tail strike.

An electrical indicating and warning system shows gear and gear doors position. An optical backup system may be used to visually verify that the gear is fully extended and locked.

Nose gear
The nose gear has dual wheels. A deflector plate between the wheels prevents spray from being thrown up and ingested by the engines when operating on wet or slushy runways.
Main gear
Each main gear has dual wheels and also a spray deflector between the wheels.
gearhandle The gear handle has three positions
Gear is hydraulically retracted.
Provides means of checking that the main gear door latches are in locked position and nose gear overcenter links are locked. All gear indicating lights should remain off. The main gear is now resting on the gear doors.
Positions the control valves to hydraulically unlock, extend and lock the gear. Handle is locked in down position until nose gear strut extends and moves the ground shift mechanism (the gear can not be retracted with the aircraft on ground).


GEAR SAFE LIGHTS. A light will go on when the gear handle is in DOWN detent and the corresponding gear is down and locked.
GEAR UNSAFE LIGHTS. Will come on if 1. The gear is in any intermediate position. 2. The gear handle is out of down detent and the gear is down and locked.
GEAR DOOR LIGHT. Indicates main gear inboard doors not fully closed. It will take 10-14 seconds for the doors to open and close.
Tail bumper.
emergency gear extension
Gear emergency extension lever situated below the red door. The "peephole" for visual inspection of the nose gear overcenter linkage, to the left of R/P column.