Metric altimeter.

Metric Altimeter
The metric altimeter is not connected to the air data computer and will therefore always indicate uncorrected altitude.

The readout of this instrument can be used as approximate EPR setting. The EPR at any altitude will be the meter -(minus) 5. That is 9500 meters will be EPR 1.90, 8000 meters EPR 1.75, 10 000 meters EPR 1.95. The MB scale must be in 1013 for this trick (that is the normal setting). The EPR is only APPROXIMATE, the real value is somewhat lower at low weight and higher at high weight but it is easy to adjust and no tables is needed.

The same trick is possible when calculating takeoff EPR. With MB set to 1013 every +100 meter will give 0.015 increase (from the standard 2.055)in EPR and -100 meter decrease with he same value. In this case the takeoff EPR should be 2.085 (0.03 above standard 2.055). Always observe the temperature limits in the EPR scale..

static ports
Two static pressure ports are located on the forward lower left and right side of the fuselage. The ports are electrically heated and also placed in an ice free area. .