Overhead test panel.

Overhead test panel

- OFF. Both POSITION and STROBE lights are OFF.
- POS. All POSITION lights are ON. One forward and one aft position light is installed in each wing tip.
Depressing this button causes a high-low (bing-bong) chime to sound and the pink light on both attendant call panels to illuminate.
3. ANTI-SKID switch.
- OFF. The anti-skid system is inoperative.
- ARM. Anti-skid system will meter the brake pedal hydraulic pressure. Permits maximum braking without skidding down to approximately 15 knots.
Selecting system 1 or 2 will activate both stick shakers, both stall lights and both stall horns at cycles of approx. 5s (2.5s on/ 2.5s off etc). The stall lights will be dimmed.
When depressed the max speed clacker will sound.
6. INST WARN TEST. Bow-tie test button.
When depressed the lights on the BOW-TIE will come on as follows:
- G/A and INST arrows, both red and green lights.
- A/P arrow, green light only.
- Comparator lights, amber.
- Throttle light does not come on.
- G/P EXT light not activated.
- OFF. The anti collision lights are OFF.
- ON. The anti collision lights are ON. (Two oscillating (flashing) lights. One on the top and one at the bottom of the fuselage.
8. PA. Passenger address announcement button. Blue light when depressed.
Passenger Address (PA) system, is used to make announcements to he passengers via the cabin loudspeakers. The PA system uses the handset placed at the aft part of the center pedestal (between the X-FEED levers). Annunciations are also possible through the oxygen mask or the boomset on LH side. In such cases the PA system is keyed through the use of a springloaded PA-OXY MASK MIKE switch located on LH side forward of steering wheel.
9. TEST CKT. Test circuit switch
When held in position A or B, which is the same test circuit, all anti- skid lights should come on provided gear handle is in DOWN detent.
- OFF. The yaw damper is OFF. OBS with the A/P ON, the yaw damper is always engaged.
- ON. The yaw damper is engaged. The yaw damper is intended for use during all stages of flight.
11. SPD CMD TEST. Speed command test switch.
- SLOW. The speed command pointer on the FD Horizon will move towards slow (S) indication.
- OFF. System test in OFF.
- FAST. The speed command pointer on the FD Horizon will move towards fast (F) indication.
12. MACH TRIM COMP. Mach trim compensator switch
- TEST. Provides a functional check of the system by extending the actuator (on right pilot control column).