Forward control pedestal.

fwd pedistal

    1. CENTER INSTRUMENT and PEDESTAL lights panel.
    2. SELCAL panel.
    BLUE - PA (Passenger Address) speech level indication.
    YELLOW - Selcal panel.
    3. COMMUNICATION panel.
    4. STABILIZER TRIM handles.
    5. STABILIZER POSITION indicator.
    6. SPEED BRAKE handle.
    Also used to arm ground spoilers.
    In PWR position (picture) the rudder is hydraulically powered.
    8. AUTOTHROTTLE engage lever.
    Very seldom used.
    9. FUEL SHUT-OFF levers.
    LEFT and RIGHT engine.
    10. ALTERNATE TRIM levers.
    11. PALM switches (TOGA buttons).
    Used to set the Flight director in G/A (Go Around) mode.
    12. THROTTLES.
    13. THRUST REVERSER levers.
    14. CABIN ALTITUDE control wheel.
    15. STOP BAR to prevent the use of 50 degree flap.
    Manual override possible.
    16. Flap/slat handle.
    Normally interconnected. May be used separately in case of emergency.
    17. TRANSPONDER panel.
    18. KNS 660 Area Nav System (RNAV).
    Control display unit.
    19. SPEED BOOK.
    Behind is the weather radar display.