Many small airports only got ILS to one runway. In a strong winds, you might be in a situation where it is impossible to do an ILS approach and landing due to tailwind limit (normally 10kt). Then it might be possible to use the ILS and when below clouds, to make a circling to the other runway.

On the IAL charts, you will find the minimum height and visibility. OBS that both values have to be fulfilled during this approach and you must have the runway in sight. Some airports have special circling patterns published.
There are even some airports, with special lights on the ground, to be followed during the circling. ENAT Alta in the northern part of Norway is one.

In limited visibility and/or strong winds, this is a pretty delicate maneouvre. It is recommended to use the A/P as much as possible. You will be occupied by keeping the runway in sight.

Both engines operating.

All speeds refers to the DC9 speedbooklet.
Vp = pattern speed.
Va = approach speed.

4. Turning final.
Reduce to Va 40
Final turn completed latest at 300ft AGL
Circling approach
1.On approach.
Gear down
" Flaps 25 "
Vp 25
2. Turn.
45°/45 sec
in no wind conditions
3. On base leg.
" Flaps 40 "
" Complete checklist"
Va 40 + 10 until on final.

In case of drag requirement due to excessive altitude or speed, landing flaps may be selected earlier provided that the speed is Va 40 + 10kt or more and the bank angle is less than 30. Do not allow the speed command pointer to stay in the slow range.

One engine inoperative.

Approach and downwind circling configuration shall be:
- Gear down, flaps 15 and Vp 15.
- On base, select flaps 25 and reduce speed to Vp 25
- After " Flaps 25 " order " Complete checklist ".
- Rolling out on final, reduce to Va 25.
- Use Va 25 on final and over threshold Vth 25.


In case something happens and you decide for a go-around. This is the way to do it.
During the ILS approach - follow the missed approach procedure for that runway.
During the circling part - make a climbing turn towards the runway, and follow the missed approach procedure for the initial approach runway.