We are close to our final FL 230 and the AP has entered the capture phase, VNAV CAP in the annunciator. On he ND you can see that we are close to our T/C Top of Climb. EKCH is our destination and we have not yet entered any arrival route. Sveda VOR is highlighted in green because we have set VHF NAV1 to the freqv 116.20 VHF NAV2 set to EKCH 112.50.

This is the handoff from ESGG departure to ESMS center.
One Swiss pilot reports about windshear during takeoff and Malmö issue clearance for climb to our requested cruising flightlevel of 230.

The next thing is that Malmö want us to keep speed 250kts at the same time he gives Bothnia free speed. This is rather common when approaching Copenhagen during "rush hour". Instead of holding over Sveda we can fly with low speed.

Time to check the ATIS at EKCH.
There should be no problems. Just remember to switch on the engine anti ice and be prepared for some turbulence on short final. Wind 250/16 is not much at EKCH. Low Visibility Procedure is force, mean that CATII/III is available.


Next, the ESMS controller give us the arrival clearance.

On the CDU we can open the DEP/ARR page and select ILS 22L and SVD 1C.

It will look like this on the ND. The route is not yet "entered" and therefore white.



When we are finished with the update of our FMS, the ND will show a T/D (Top Of Descend).

Preparations for the descend/approach will also include reading of the descent checklist.
One part is the "Landing weight & data" including the speed bugs. This is the setting:
One bug at the "clean speed", two at Vref. The last bug is not used.

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