Let us start our push back.
The mechanic is connected via the inter phone system, I can reach him without using the radio. Although on some domestic airports, we use VHF 131.80 for that communication.


There are two checks needed
Clear ice check.
During temperature below +15, your mech will have to climb the wings and make an hands on check for ice.
Departure check.
All doors are closed, all vehicles are removed.

The copilot will ask the tower (often on a separate frequency):
Copilot:Ground, Scandinavian 149 push back, stand 36.
Tower:Scandinavian 149, push back approved.


During push, we start our engines.
Right engine first.
  • The right pilot (RP) will switch off the air conditioning.
  • The left pilot (LP) will check for pressure and switch on the ignition.
  • RP - press the start switch (on the overhead panel) and call out N1 and oil pressure.
  • LP - at 20% N2, lift the fuel-shutoff lever (below the throttles).
  • RP - engine starter switch to off at 35-40% N2.
  • LP - check for normal idle.
  • Start the left engine in the same way.
AFTER START check list to be read (copilot).

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