Glareshield panel.

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    1. MASTER WARNING light.
    On when at least one red light on annunciator panel comes on.
    Light is extinguished by pressing light cap. This also rearms the system.
    2. MASTER CAUTION light.
    Light is on whenever certain amber lights on the annunciator panel comes on.
    Pressing light cap re-arms system and extinguishes light.
    3. Gear horne cutoff button.
    To cutoff aural warning, width throttles at idle position, below 1500 ft radio height.
    4. Wing landing lights.
    5. Nose gear lights.
    Taxi light and landing light.
    6. Navigation controller panel.
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    7. Flight director switch.
    To select Flight director 1 or 2.
    8. Ground flood lights.
    Lightning for ground service and side visibility when taxiing.
    9. Wing and nacelle lights.
    Illumination of the wing leading edge and the engine nacelle. To permit visual inspection during night operation.