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This is what can be downloaded from my site.
Navigation databases.

ACS-GPS  (10.5kb).Radarfix in Scandinavia.

DC9 FS2004.

DC9-41 and -21Aircraft and panel v 5.0. 12.4MB EXE-file.
AirfileApril02 2005.

DC9-41 checklist.33 kb in PDF
DC9-41 speedbooklet. 72 kb in PDF


MD80 internal   view 2.40MB

Internal views.
Working in all FS versions from 2000 - 2004.

A321 internal   view 1.67MB
A340 internal   view 2.97MB
B737NG internal   view 1.65MB
DC9 Internal   view 1.96MB Stand alone download only,included in the above "Aircraft and panel".
DCH-8-400 internal   view 1.47MB


Marshaller at Swedish airports 602kb