FS2004 panel

SAS DC9-21 and -41 Panel/Aircraft.
Version 5.0 for Microsoft FS2004/FS9.
OBS will NOT work in any other version of FS.

April 02 2005 New airfile available on the download page.
Improved dynamics when on manual control.

panel left side panel right side

The DC9 was the "work horse" at the European routes within SAS, from 1968 until January 2002. Several different models have been used -21, -32, -33F, -41, -51.

The cockpit layout in the models -21, -33F and -41 are similar. Just minor details differ due to the number of fuel tanks and cargo doors etc. This package includes separate panels for version -21 and -41.

This panel is made for FS9 and have been tested on that Flight Simulator only. Our main object when creating this panel, have been to make it as close as possible to the real aircraft. We have tried, but not fully succeeded, to get rid of the normal shortcuts available in FS. Therefor: This is a panel for those of you that like to read 10 minutes checklist before engine start. Every time this panel is reloaded, the switches will be set to the default position (OFF).

A couple of notes, before you download.

  • Make sure to install the package into the FS9 root folder.You can install on top of the previous version 4.3.
  • Check the Panel_readme.txt after the installation. You must add a couple of lines to the FS9.cfg. There will be a folder "SAS_DC9 documents" created in the "FS9/Aircraft" folder.

  • There is NO manual with this panel. Instead - check my web site for information how to handle the systems and how to fly this aircraft. Among the documents, you will also find "sop.zip". This is a HTML document with a lot of useful hints (quickstart guide and other things that are specific for FS handling of the systems).

  • I suggest that you use ACS-GPS by Alain Capt as navigation system. It is very close to the KNS 660 AREA NAV installed in the real aircraft. You have to install that by your own but in the panel.cfg this line will load the gauge "gauge27=ACS.GPS98-KLN90B_CRT, 820,700,195,65"
  • On the A/P panel there is a working TCAS thanks to Lee Hetherington. A TCAS_document.zip is included among the documents.
  • Make FULL use of the Check Lists. Observe that the NORMAL Check List is a reminder only. Every test and switch position can be found in the EXPANDED Check List (including engine starting procedure).







Stellan,Matts and Geir
(not on the picture).

Stella and Matts