Forward control pedestal.

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fwd pedestal

    1. L/P CDU (multi control and display unit).
    The CDU is the interface between the pilot and FMC (Flight Management Computer).
    2. WEATHER RADAR panel.
    3. R/P CDU.
    LONG TRIM setting will appear when both take off center of gravity and flap setting values are entered in computer (see nr 7 and 10).
    5. CENTER of GRAVITY indicator.
    The value is calculated and found on the LOAD SHEET as MAC TAKE OFF. Set with the left wheel below (nr 7).
    6. FLAP readout.
    The flap that are used during take off.
    7. CENTER OF GRAVITY thumb wheel (left) and FLAP thumb wheel (right).
    Rotate the wheel to enter CG/FLAP to the take off condition computer.
    8. LONG TRIM takeoff position indicator.
    The figure in nr 4 (TAKE OFF CONDITION TRIM) is set by the LONG TRIM handles nr 9 and the white indicator nr 10 must be inside this green LONG TRIM indicator otherwise there will be a TAKE OFF WARNING.
    9. LONGITUDINAL TRIM handles.
    Both handles must be moved simultaneously and in the same direction to activate the stabilizer. The trim will normally be activated by the electrical switches on the flight control.
    10. LONG TRIM indicator.
    Indicator is mechanically connected to the stabilizer and indicates position and movement of stabilizer.
    11. SPOILER/SPEED BRAKE handle.
    In flight lever is used to control the flight spoilers to act as speed brakes. On ground, lever may be used to deploy all spoilers during a rejected takeoff. The lever is also used to arm the AUTO SPOILERS during approach (by lifting the lever) and to arm ground spoilers prior to takeoff.
    PWR (forward position) the rudder is moved by hydraulic power. MAN (aft position)the rudder is is moved by a small tab. Normal position is PWR.
    13. THRUST REVERSER LEVERS (left/right engine).
    14. THROTTLES (left/right engine).
    Each throttle is cable connected to its respective fuel control unit to regulate engine thrust.
    15.TOGA button, Takeoff/go-around.
    Pushing either button will initiate take off or go-around mode. To get takeoff mode the aircraft must have been on ground for more than 20 seconds and the flaps must be set for takeoff. Go-around is engaged if in approach below 1 500ft RA and flaps more than 26. The FMA will annunciate TAK OFF or GO RND in pitch and roll windows.
    16. FUEL CONTOL levers (left/right engine).
    ON (up position shown here) - opens fuel control valve, admitting metered fuel to engine and, if corresponding START switch is ON, turns on high energy ignition. OFF (down position) - shuts off fuel to the corresponding engine.
    17. ALT LONG TRIM levers.
    Both must be moved simultaneously to actuate the secondary trim motor.
    18. GEAR HORN OFF button.
    Pressing the button will silence landing gear warning, if throttles are retarded to idle below 1200ft and gear is not down and locked.
    AUTO (up position) cabin altitude is controlled automatically. MANUAL (down position) cabin altitude is manually controlled by the CABIN ALT control wheel nr 20.
    20. CABIN ALT control wheel.
    During AUTO control, the wheel rotates as cabin air outflow valve automatically adjusts to maintain cabin altitude. During MANUAL control the wheel is locked in position. To adjust cabin altitude, press down on the wheel and rotate in desired direction (forward to close and backward to open the valve). Closing the valve will make the cabin descend. Open the valve and the cabin will start climbing.
    21. OUTFLOW VALVE position indicator.
    Indicates position of cabin outflow valve. Closed in forward position.
    22. FLAP/SLAT lever.
    23. FLAP T. O. SELECTOR.
    Provides a takeoff flap setting detent for any flap setting between 0 to 13 and 15 to 24 in addition to the permanent 0, 11, 15.
    24. FLAP T.O selector window.
    Indicates in degrees the pre-selectable detent that has been selected with the FLAP T. O. selector nr 23.
    25. Autothrottle disconnect button.
    Pushing either button will disengage the autothrottle. THROTTLE light on the FMA will come on. Pressing either button a second time will extinguish the light.
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