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Radar dome

A color digital weather radar system is installed. The system provides weather detection and terrain mapping. The weather radar antenna has a flat plate disc giving a very narrow (pencil) beam. The narrow beam concentrates the transmitting energy more than previous antenna systems, giving a very high penetration capability and picture resolution. The radar provides a non fading three color picture on the ARC and MAP modes of the EFIS navigation display.

The necessary controls for operation of the radar system are located in the control unit. The control unit is mounted in the upper center pedestal. The individual radar imagery presentation on the EFIS ND is controlled from the EFIS panels.

Radar controls RADAR CONTROL UNIT.
OFF - Deenergizes the radar system.
TEST - Turns the system on in test mode. Transmitter is in standby and no pulses are transmitted from the antenna. Manual gain control is deactivated.
WX - Radar system is on to provide normal weather detection.
MAP - Radar system is on to provide ground mapping. Manual gain control is enabled in this mode.
2. TILT control.
Rotary selector for control of antenna tilt. If ANT STAB switch is ON, the selected tilt angle will be related to the horizon.
3. GAIN control.
The gain adjustment knob is used to control the receiver sensibility in ground mapping mode. Disabled in WXR mode.
4. STAB switch.
ON - When antenna stabilization switch is on, roll and pitch signals will stabilize the antenna so that it always scan parallel to the ground at the selected tilt angle.
OFF - Stabilization signals are disabled and the antenna scan will be related to the aircraft longitudinal axis.
Radar picture RADAR PICTURE on the ND.

Echoes are color coded GREEN, AMBER, RED.
Light, moderate, heavy precipitation.
+1.8 is the antenna TILT.

Heavy CB at distance 40NM to the left. A small one at approximately 15NM. Both should be avoided.
The one at our right is only light, but avoid any way. Use the antenna TILT to check this one at a lower level. It might be the top of another heavy CB.
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