Flight Operations Manual.

Tips and hints from "the real word", that can be adopted to simulation.
Especially when flying in the SATCO environment on the Internet.

Phraseology. Radio traffic phraseology in text.
Recordings. Recordings of actual R/T in RealAudio.

Braking action.Wind limit/Friction coefficient effecting takeoff and landing.
Descent. Descent planning DC9, MD-80 and B767.
Fuel. Fuel planning.
Flight level. Optimum FL vs distance DC9, MD80/90 and B767.
Flight plans. B767 Long haul flight plans.
Performance. Explanation of speeds and terms in connection with weight and balance calculation and loadsheet.

Dc9 approach. DC9 Continuous descent/approach chart.
Circling. DC9 circling approach.
Holding. Holding procedures.
VMC pattern. DC9 standard approach pattern VMC.

METAR. Abbreviations found in metar.
MOTNE. Runway reports in METAR.
SNOWTAM. Deposits on runways.